Our team

Child Foundation Australia is a sister organisation of an international charity ‘’Child Foundation’’ and It is registered as a non-profit organisation named ‘’Needy Child Charity’’ in Australia.

Dr. Hadi Hosseini

Dr. Hadi Hosseini works at Western Sydney University as an associate lecturer. He was an active member of Yarigaran Group at Sharif University of Technology in Iran; a non-profit group that helps out orphan children in their education. This activity led him to have a close connection to the Iran office of Child Foundation and organized some educational programs between the child foundation and Sharif University of Technology. Dr. Hosseini has been a volunteer and sponsor for Child Foundation since 2012. He is the founder of the Child foundation Australia. Currently, he as president and chief executive officer of this organisation has been actively working with other board of directors to follow Child Foundation’s aims and mission in Australia.


Email: President[at]childfoundation.com.au

Mr. Kasra Kayvani

Mr. Kasra Kayvani is an IT professional. He graduated from The University of Newcastle, Australia with a bachelor degree in Information Technology. He is also an associate member of Australian Computer Society. While at University, he was an active member of the student union and, as a volunteer, he put significant amount of effort into student advocacy. Mr. Kayvani used to be the treasurer of the University of Newcastle Iranian Student Association for 2 consecutive years. He has always been passionate about voluntary and charitable activities which benefit people in need. Mr. Kayvani is the current treasurer of the Child foundation Australia. He has been working closely with other board members in order to facilitate child foundation activities in Australia.


Email: Treasury[at]childfoundation.com.au

Dr. Ehsan Taheri

Dr. Ehsan Taheri is a Professional Engineer in Australia. He received his B.SC. in Civil Engineering in 2011 and M.Sc. in Structural Engineering in 2013 from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. He was an active member of charity groups such as Yarigaran Sharif, a non-profit university group consisting of voluntary students from different universities in Iran that helps out children. He has been collaborating with Child Foundation in Iran through these charity groups and has been a child sponsor since 2013.  Currently, he as secretary of this organisation is collaborating with other board members to organise the Child Foundation office in Australia.


Email: Secretary[at]childfoundation.com.au

Mr. Mohammad Hashemi

Mr. Mohammad Hashemi is a Project Coordinator at Axicom Pty Ltd.  He holds two Master degree in Project management and geotechnical engineering from UNSW. He is the president of Iranian House of Music (IHOM) and also the event director of UNSW Iranian Student Association (IRANSA). Currently he is a board member of Child Foundation Australia and is collaborating with other board in establishing contacts, organizing events and fundraising activities.


Email: Media[at]childfoundation.com.au

Dr. Faezeh Farhang

Dr. Faezeh Farhang is a board member of the Child Foundation Australia, working voluntarily alongside the other board members to help child foundation achieve their goals in Australia. She is a chemical engineer currently working as a research scientist at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She has built her professional and personal life on the foundation of making this world a better place to live, especially for future generations. That is the reason she has dedicated her professional life to solve a major environmental issue of the modern era: carbon dioxide; and her volunteer time in the Australian child foundation as children are the future of this world.


Email: Member[at]childfoundation.com.au