Iran Cosponsorship Program

Our goal is two cosponsors for each child in Iran to ensure a stable system of support that is more independent of government turbulence. You can be or are already the first cosponsor, through AUS office and Iran office, provide a stipend for your sponsored child. A second cosponsor through US Child Foundation, provides food. This support will fill your sponsored child’s Child Foundation-issued student food card each month. This card is functionally a grocery store gift card used to claim the food imported for that child.

Imported food will be distributed throughout Iran via a large, independent chain grocery store. This means, each month, families can collect the food at their convenience and with complete dignity.

Child Foundation promised that the new sponsorship program would genuinely benefit children and their families.

General FAQ

1- What is Child Foundation and where do we work?

Established in 1994, Child Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Oregon. Child Foundation’s programs currently serve children in: Afghanistan, Iran, and Tajikistan.

2- What is Child Foundation’s mission and Purpose?

Our mission and purpose as a public charity is to help gifted and talented children who are economically disadvantaged remain in school. Child Foundation supports children and their respective families to overcome the burdens of poverty so that they can become healthy, educated, self-sustaining and contributing members of society.

3- Who runs Child Foundation Australia?

Child Foundation Australia is supervised by a Board of Directors who are all working as volunteers.

4- How Can I sponsor a child?

You can go straight to our ‘’Sponsor a child’’ and select a child you want to Sponsor. Regardless the sponsorship fee; you can be a Sponsor with only 20 AUD per month. However, every child has a different financial situation. Please note 100% of every sponsorship payment goes toward the sister organisation collaborating with Child Foundation Australia to serve the sponsored children you support. Up to 10% of your donation may be used for social working costs by the sister organisation collaborating with Child Foundation Australia. No amount is removed from your sponsorship payments, or any gifts given to a specific child by Child Foundation Australia, as all its members are volunteers.

For more information, please look at the “Sponsor a child” page.

5- How soon does my support reach the child I sponsored?

The child will receive your support roughly one months after a sponsor has initiated sponsorship and paid the first month’s support. However, the support will be passed on as soon as is possible to help the child focus on studies and remain in school.

6- How can I communicate with my sponsored child?

There are three ways you can reach out to the child. The most common means is by writing a letter. Please write your letter either in English or the child’s native language and send it to the Child Foundation office mailing address or email. Sponsors can also request a translated and supervised call or video chat by contacting Child Foundation at or 0468864500.

7- When is the best time to reach out to my sponsored child?

As initial support can take roughly one month to reach the child, we suggest sponsors send their first letter or request their first phone or video chat 2-3 months after first filling out the sponsorship application.

8- How will I learn of my sponsored child’s progress or milestones?

Roughly every six months, sponsors will receive a progress report prepared by the child’s social workers. New sponsors may not receive a progress report for up to nine months. Usually, the child’s grades, social worker’s report, new photos, and a letter from the student are included. The social worker will mention urgent needs the family faces so that sponsors can choose to send extra one-time support if they would like to.

Additionally, Child Foundation will notify sponsors two months prior to each child’s birthday and important holidays that impact the child so that sponsors can celebrate the child with a letter or gift.

9- How can I send a gift or extra help to my sponsored child and their family?

Sponsors can donate an extra amount in a one-time donation for a child’s birthday, holiday, or at any time the sponsor desires. Sponsors are also more than welcome to send extra support as a one-time donation based on a child’s urgent needs as explained in a progress report or otherwise.