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      27 AUD
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    You can choose to pay the entire or part of the required monthly donation (minimum 20 AUD).

    About Rozhan

    روژان مهربون ما دانش آموز با استعدادیه که در رشته ی علوم انسانی مشغول به تحصیل هستش. روژان به یادگیري زبان انگلیسی بسیار علاقه داره. پدر روژان جان، دیسک کمر داشتن و در سانحه تصادف دچار پارگی تاندون نیز شدن و به همین دلیل از کار افتاده هستن. مادر روژان، خانه دار و دچار روماتیسم هستن. برادر بزرگتر روژان در حال آماده شدن برای کنکور هستن و برادر کوچکتر در مقطع ابتدایی مشغول به تحصیلند. این خانواده به تازگی از ارثیه ای که به پدر رسیده و کمک عمو ها و عمه ها، یک خانه در حاشیه ي شهر خریداري کرده و در آن سکونت دارند. روژان مهربون ما احتیاج به همیار داره؛ میشه شما همیار روژان زیبای ما باشین؟

    The monthly sponsorship gift is specific for each child and has been calculated based on needs and income among others. Generally, children need between 20-50 AUD per month. You may of course choose to pay the entire or part of the monthly need. Minimum payment is 20 AUD per month.

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    If you become a sponsor:

    A report is sent to your email every 6 months detailing the status of the child’s life as well as his/her performance at school. It sometimes contains a personal letter from the child. Do you want to get more involved? Child Foundation can arrange for phone talks between you and your sponsored child. Child Foundation can arrange for sending gifts as well as in-person meetings, if you wish to travel to the city where the child lives.

    Monthly sponsorship:

    Children have specific needs per month depending on their family situation. Once you fill out the sponsorship form, we will contact you by email for further details. You can choose to pay the entire or part of the required monthly gift. You may choose to stop sponsorship at any time with one month notice.